Dr. Mimi Secor

Healthy & Fit at Any Age
A guide to creating mindset, nutrition, and exercise habits for busy women!

"Dr. Mimi’s book will provide you with a strong foundation that will set the stage for successfully pursuing and achieving your health and fitness goals. This book contains practical information you can apply right away. She teaches the reader how to transform their lives by taking small, simple steps. The magic in this approach is that small, consistent changes lead to huge changes/progress over time."
-Angie Thomas, Author & Activist
What People Are Saying:

Christy Bain

"I have been following Dr. Mimi since we met at a course that she was lecturing at. I am a gastric sleeve patient and have lost 120 pounds at this time, but when I met Dr. Mimi, I was struggling. Using her advice has been life-saving! I love that she sets out step by step how to accomplish each task in resetting your life"

M. McClintock

"A quick easy read designed for those who think they are too busy to become healthy and fit. I felt Dr. Mimi must have been looking inside my head when she wrote some of these chapters as she addressed many of the concerns/struggles I've had over the years. After reading her book, I was able to list several very specific strategies to begin taking action right away.

Resa Giles

"I highly recommend this book for anyone looking to make a health/fitness transformation. I feel Mimi made this book simple and easy and uncomplicated to understand and put into action; which in my opinion is how healthy eating and fitness should be. She provides truthful and hopeful aspirations that we all truly can change our health at any age."
So What’s The Book About?
This book is about the celebration of living a full life and is a testament that you can achieve the lifestyle and physique you desire at any age.

Dr Secor earned her doctorate at age 61 and lost 30 lbs during this most stressful time. A year later in 2016 she was in her first bodybuilding show earning a 5 th place trophy. 

Dr Mimi Secor’s story will inspire you to follow your dreams, at any age.  She will show you how you can transform your life; step by step, day by day, and minute by minute. 

Her mission is to inspire everyone, but especially health care professionals, to become healthy role models for their patients, families and communities.  

Health is the most powerful medicine.
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About The Author
Dr. Mimi Secor is a popular speaker with over 40 years of experience as a Nurse Practitioner specializing in Women's Health. 

She earned her doctoral degree in 2015 at the age of 61 and made her body building debut at 62 winning a 5th place trophy in the over 40 category.

Dr. Mimi and her daughter Coach Kat help busy, stressed out women and men transform their lives so they can become healthier, more confident and successful. 

They believe that age is just a number and that you can pursue your dreams and goals at any age.

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